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David Cajthaml (1959) is a painter, scenographer, graphic designer, musician (punk band Energie G) and author. He says about himself: “Looking at my shadow I see myself as a man. One part of my soul is drawn to suicide and the other to the creative. Both are possible solutions, but man must not perfect either of them; perfecting suicide excludes survival, and in creativity an error is of a greater value than perfection. My feelings drive me to make nothing perfect, leaving thus an option for everything to end in its own way. During my life I have taken an educational diversion via the sex, drugs and rock and roll route, which has left a bitter aftertaste in my mouth, influencing my expressive style and the thoughts being born on my muddied tongue.” 

David Cajthaml is artist liveing in Makotřasy, Czech Republic. He works in painting, drawing, graphics and objects. Literature and music is also part of his artistic life. 

Portrait of MuDr V. , linocut, drawing, 35 x35 cm, 2009



David Cajthaml

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